EASYMETERING has launched its new smart metering platform based on wideband cellular data network for Mexico’s emerging free market in energy.

This platform brings new technology & energy business intelligence with access to several carriers around the globe. In the Mexican case, the smart power meters have access to at least three cellular carriers by using a single EASYMETERING SIM card, increasing the area coverage considerably, with low cost services that include technical support, data network flexibility, and a metering software platform (head-end).

The deregulation of the energy markets is starting around the world. This situation is generating new opportunities to apply new business models in the power energy industry. These innovative policies have recently arrived to the Mexican energy sector and are rapidly becoming a trend creating business opportunities and opening the market entry for non traditional players with an innovative disposition and mindset.

Renewable and cleaner energy sources are necessary for our planet. Thus, opening incentives to more players is needed for the future of humanity.

Through matching all these trends, EASYMETERING adds business intelligence technology to enable energy commercialization over its smart metering technology to accelerate free market energy project deployments worldwide.

EASYMETERING’s new wireless power meter technology based on 3G/4G networks with enabled access for all Mexican carriers is readily available for new and renovating energy distribution projects all across the country.

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