AMI modules and networking

AMI Module

This is an electronic board (hardware) designed and produced by EASYMETERING, it is installed under glass in the power meter. The board contains a sophisticated microprocessor powered by firmware developed by our team, which enables advanced metering with smart wireless data transmission and remote firmware download features. All EASYMETERING AMI modules contain a smart power supply with power backup, monitoring of battery voltage levels, charge battery, and monitoring of the temperature for a safe operation. Additional important characteristics are: signal strength, BERT, firmware and hardware version, are also transmitted by the platform.



GSM/GPRS/EDGE is the most used global standard with the largest coverage worldwide, and low rate prices are available for metering applications. EASYMETERING provides an excellent option for utility companies with geographical dispersed consumers and/or having large metering data information (for instance, load and instrumentation profiles).

RF Mesh

The growing demand of smart metering has almost made RF mesh networks a standard. Wireless, automatic self-forming, self-repair are interesting features of this technology. It is widely used for residential AMI and Smart Energy deployments. EASYMETERING provides this option for cabinets with a set of power meters, buildings, malls, parks, etc. EASYMETERING uses this alternative where the Cellular Network coverage is not available, or the signal strength is poor. ezMGateCo (developed by EASYMETERING) provides access to our Advanced Metering Platform.

Rodolfo Monterroza
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We´re an infraestructure company in Latin America.
We have some projects in Mexico related to AMI meter and we wold like to know more about you.
Contact me please.

Rodolfo Monterroza