Metering data analysis

Our system can display information that the meter is able to provide. Graphically shows the data processed so that it can be analyzed quickly and efficiently.

Phasor diagram

The phasor diagram shows the phase angle between the current and voltage allowing to know if current gains or loses in relation to voltage. It graphs the currents and voltages extracted from each reading.


Load Profile

You can plot the variation in time of channels that the meter can show. Depending on the model and configuration of the meter we can displayed:

  • Active energy delivered,
  • Reactive energy delivered,
  • Active energy received,
  • Reactive energy received,
  • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 VARH,
  • etc.


Power Factor

This graph shows the relationship between the active delivered and reactive dealivered energy.


Instrumentation Profile

Whether the meter is equipped with the ability to store and transmit the instrumentation profile or not, our system can process this information and show voltages and currents plotted for different phases detected. In the sample graph you can see the voltage of phase A.