Supported metering devices

Design of protocol data communications and hardware, firmware development, and computer science application are the skills of EASYMETERING. These skills allow us to integrate very fast new metering devices to the platform.

Our team has developed many products using Cellular Networks since the Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) was on the air (1998).

EASYMETERING has extended experience working with electronic poly-phase power meters installed by the utility companies for the industrial and commercial consumers.

EASYMETERING has been working with power meters manufactured by General Electric and Elster Electricity. The metering devices supported by the EASYMETERING solution are:

Power Meters

  • KV2c,
  • KV2c+
  • SGM3000
  • Alpha A3
  • Alpha A1800
  • Alpha A1+

Power Reclosers (coming soon)

Smart Public-Lighting (coming soon)