“We believe that is essential to be part of Knowledge-Economy

to improve the world.”

We are proud to be members and partners of different ecosystems such as science, technology, business, and industries.

For us, is very important to be close to the academic environment where we can take advantage of researchers and talented young professionals. And, of course, ecosystems in the industry of energy and utility sector are essential too.



How we choose our partnerships with universities and other academic institutions:

Research Collaboration: Universities are hubs of research and innovation, and by partnering with universities allows technology companies like EASYMETERING to tap into the knowledge and expertise of faculty, researchers, and students with projects.  Collaborative research projects enable companies to explore new ideas, conduct cutting-edge research, and develop innovative solutions for the industry. Universities can provide valuable insights and resources, helping companies stay at the forefront of technological advancements in smart metering.

Access to Talent: Universities are a rich source of talent, offering access to highly skilled students and graduates. By partnering with universities, we engage with the next generation of professionals in relevant fields such as engineering, computer science, and data analytics and foster a culture of innovation within their organizations.

Testbeds and Validation: Universities often have well-equipped laboratories and research facilities to serve as testbeds for new technologies and solutions. Partnering with universities allows us to validate and refine our products and services in controlled environments before deploying them on a larger scale. This collaboration facilitates real-world testing, data collection, and feedback loops, ensuring the technology meets industry standards and customer requirements.

These partnerships enable us to stay at the forefront of technology, drive innovation, and create a positive impact on the industry and society as a whole.

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EASYMETERING is a leading provider of smart metering solutions for utility companies worldwide. Our innovative technologies empower utility companies to reduce electric commercial losses, improve grid management, and enable sustainable energy practices. With a commitment to delivering reliable and intelligent metering solutions, EASYMETERING continues revolutionizing the utility industry. Our mission is to accelerate the advanced smart meters‘ global adoption to modernize electric energy commercialization.