Why we do what we do

We believe that the smart meter is the sensor of the grid that holds the key to revolutionizing how energy is managed, distributed, and generated.

Energy Sector and Climate Change

The energy sector is squarely on the front lines of the climate change fight. Sadly, global warming has escalated due to the onus placed on individuals to select their home energy sources. The quest for clean, renewable energy is praiseworthy. However, a closer-to-home solution might involve better managing energy consumption within our existing infrastructure. This approach could bypass the need for costly, time-consuming expansion of the current grid’s power capacity.

New Generation Metering Technology

To tackle this issue, we’re leading the development of advanced metering technology.

This innovative tech connects smart appliances to our existing power grid smoothly. As a result, it will integrate into our energy digital marketplace platform.

This platform is set to revolutionize how power companies and energy providers work. With novel business models, we can motivate individuals to swap old, carbon-emitting devices for modern, clean-energy appliances.

Smart Utility 4.0 and Advanced Appliances

As we step toward Smart Utility 4.0, integrating advanced appliances into the existing electrical grid is crucial. Infusing intelligent appliances into the electrical grid doesn’t just create an energy-efficient device network. It sets up a system that taps into their potential. Smart appliances engage in a dynamic dialogue with the grid, adjusting their energy use based on grid conditions, user needs, and power availability in real time.

This interconnected ecosystem embodies the Smart Utility 4.0 vision. It helps balance supply and demand and opens new opportunities for grid resilience, load management, and renewable energy sources incorporation.