In the rapidly evolving world of utilities, staying ahead of the competition requires embracing cutting-edge technologies. EasyMetering, a leading provider of Private LTE and AMI 2.0 solutions for utilities, offers a range of innovative technology solutions.

EASYMETERING provides proven Broadband AMI solutions for new generation of Smart Utilities

AMI 2.0-SaaS Solutions with EasyMetering
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AMI – Infrastructure Ready!

Electric Utilities from anywhere over the world can take advantage of our Infrastructure, cloud and a global private data network using more than 400 LTE mobile network operators over the world, ordering our smart meters LTE enabled and use our software platform, in order to realize advanced manage, read, control, monitor of smart meters, including a powerful billing and e-commerce platform in order to sell energy.

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EasyMetering specializes in seamless integration of Private and Public LTE and AMI 2.0 solutions with existing utility infrastructures. Our team of
experts ensures a smooth transition, minimizing operational disruptions.  We provide exceptional support throughout the partnership, assisting
utilities in maximizing the benefits of our solutions. Whether you operate a small distribution network or a large-scale utility, EasyMetering is your broadband AMI Solution for Electric Utilities.



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EASYMETERING is a leading provider of AMI and smart metering solutions for utility companies worldwide. Our innovative technologies empower utility companies to reduce electric commercial losses, improve grid management, and enable sustainable energy practices. With a commitment to delivering reliable and intelligent metering solutions, EASYMETERING continues revolutionizing the utility industry.

Our mission is to accelerate the advanced smart meters‘ global adoption to modernize electric energy commercialization.

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