Metering Solution


EASYMETERING provides an interesting platform of advanced metering services, integrating different metering and control devices as power meters, power reclosers and smart public lighting for utility companies.

The platform includes AMI modules designed for specific electronic power smart meters, enabling required communication options to integrate them to the grid.

Our modules have an easy communication’s setup, easy advanced metering configuration, easy and fast installation. Additional features included are: automatic detection of the power meter, automatic registration in the metering database, automatic inventory, automatic reporting by email, etc.

With our products and solutions, the small and medium utility companies obtain the technological level of more advanced metering systems, either using new or existing power meters.

There are several utility companies using our solution, and EASYMETERING is providing to these clients their consumers metering data, online monitoring of the power quality, billing, demand, load and instrumentation profiles, events log records, network events log records, etc., etc.

Power re-connecters and smart public lighting are coming soon.

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