Unleash the POWER of Private LTE

Lab-simulated testing of LTE technologies prior to full-scale deployment

ezLab is an indoor evaluation Kit meant to transform your understanding of Private LTE communications in the utility industry.

This educational tool unlocks unprecedented insights into the application and operation of private LTE infrastructure.

Empowering you to make data-driven decisions that revolutionize grid management and operations.




Begin your journey to understanding LTE technology.



Experience grid applications operating under Private LTE in your lab.



Enhance your knowledge and skills to contribute to grid modernization.

Private LTE Use Cases

eZLab can serve as a valuable tool to support electric utility operations, focusing on its main proposals of Simulated Private Cellular Operations and Grid Application Validation. It means , eZLab serves as a versatile tool to support electric utility operations, enabling utilities to validate, optimize, and prepare for the challenges and opportunities of the modern energy landscape. It empowers utilities to build robust, efficient, and reliable grid infrastructures...