Meet Our Team

Meet the EasyMetering Team.

We take pride in introducing you to the exceptional individuals behind our company, who are driving innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions in the field of broadband AMI 2.0 and private LTE for utilities and energy providers.

We believe in transparency and establishing a personal connection with our clients, and that starts with putting faces to names. Each team member is featured with their head shot, name, position, and links to learn more about each of their roles and expertise.

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You can connect with our team members on various platforms and get a glimpse into their professional journeys. We believe in transparency, expertise, and establishing personal connections with our clients. By introducing our team members, showcasing their credentials, and adding a personal touch, we aim to provide you with a warm and informative experience.

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Byron Rojas

Founder & Board President

Easymetering CEO

Marcos Ribeiro

Business Development Manager

Marcos A Ribeiro - Team Page- Easymetering

Jean Claude Rieffel

Easymetering Chile GM

Jean-Claude Rieffel Team Page Pic