Utilities have critical requirements that demand robust and reliable communication systems, and Private LTE networks offer the ideal solution to meet these demands with their advanced capabilities.

Get Full Control

Private LTE networks are revolutionizing the way utilities manage critical communications.

Private LTE Network is managed and operated by the Utility itself, providing control over coverage, capacity, and security.

With reliable and high-performance wireless connectivity for applications like IoT (Internet of Things), automation, mission-critical communications, and other internal operations.

get full control

Why Private LTE

Control and Customization:

Provides complete control over the network, allowing customization to meet specific requirements and ensuring higher security standards.

Reliability and Performance:

Offers enhanced reliability, low latency, and high bandwidth, crucial for mission-critical applications.

Coverage and Quality of Service:

Coverage in remote or isolated areas where traditional communication infrastructures might be lacking.

Scalability and Future-proofing:

Allows scalability and supports the integration of future technologies, providing a long-term solution.

Private LTE architecture diagram

At EASYMETERING we Pioneering the Transformation in Utilities

Integration in the Anterix Active Ecosystem

At EASYMETERING, our vision aligns with pioneering industry standards, which is why we are proud members of the
Anterix Active Ecosystem.
Being part of this ecosystem places us at the heart of innovation in Private LTE technology, connecting us with leading experts and advancements in the field.

LTE Smart Metering Solutions

Our network interface cards, integrated with smart meters leverage Private LTE technology, offering unparalleled communication capabilities. This ensures real-time data transmission, enhanced grid reliability, and improved energy management for utilities.

ezLab: Your Private LTE Evaluation Kit

Understanding the nuances of Private LTE can be challenging. That’s where ezLab comes in. Our unique evaluation kit, complete with smart meters, allows utilities to test and experience the real-world benefits of Private LTE infrastructure firsthand. ezLab is a game-changer for those looking to explore the potential of Private LTE in their operations.