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“We keep interesting partnerships with global companies that

them share with us the same vision”

“Aclara Technologies LLC is a world-class supplier of smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) to water, gas, and electric utilities globally. Over 500 utilities in nine countries rely on proven Aclara solutions to connect with their customers.”

Smart Meters

“Realize your smart grid vision. Optimize power distribution. Adapt to changing energy demands. Support new business models. Achieve your critical objectives with our solutions for power utilities.”

Empowered for the new energy future

“We are a leading technology and telecommunications company with operations in Chile and Peru, markets in which we have more than 18.2 million mobile subscribers.”

We exist to bring together the infinite possibilities offered by technology and thus responsibly transform society.

“CMG is a strategy consulting and advisory company with focus on Smart Grids, Smart Utilities, Smart Cities and Smart Buildings. We are experts in Energy, Water, Transportation, IoT, Telecom and Software markets and technologies.”

At CMG, We build the Digitalization, Decentralization, and Decarbonization Strategies and Ecosystems