Revolutionizing Utilities - Understanding Broadband smart Meters

Revolutionizing Utilities: How Broadband Smart Meters Drive Efficiency and Sustainability – Part 3

Privacy, Security, Data Challenges, and Considerations

Addressing privacy and data security concerns associated with broadband smart meters is paramount to ensure these technologies’ successful implementation and acceptance. As smart meters collect and transmit detailed energy consumption data, it is crucial to safeguard the privacy of individuals and protect their data from unauthorized access or malicious activities.  Implementing robust data encryption, access controls, and secure data transmission protocols can help protect the privacy and security of the data collected by smart meters. This is essential for revolutionizing utilities.

Smart meter networks rely on a stable and continuous connection to transmit energy consumption data and receive instructions or updates. Any disruptions in connectivity can hinder the seamless operation of the smart metering system. Organizations should prioritize establishing reliable connectivity infrastructure for smart meter networks to address these challenges. This involves deploying robust communication technologies, such as cellular networks or dedicated communication protocols, to ensure uninterrupted data transmission between smart meters and data management systems. Redundancy measures can also be implemented to mitigate the impact of network outages or failures. The Advanced Metering Infrastructure solution of Easymetering uses Private LTE Infrastructure.

Easymetering Innovations for Revolutionizing Utilities and Customers

At Easymetering, we turn existing smart meters using a narrow band from a passive to an active element of the smart grid. Our AMI solution uses Private LTE Infrastructure enabling our smart meters to work independently and send processed information about energy consumption in real time. This makes the utility smart grid smarter and saves operational costs.

Easymetering is boosting the new generation of smart meters using broadband telecom infrastructure. We are working with utilities to enhance their monitoring capabilities and enable real-time instrumentation. For example, our I-210+c smart meter has the following features:

  • Uses 2G and LTE (4G/5G).
  • The capability to Connect and Disconnect electric service.
  • Remote programming.
  • Includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features for Smart Home applications.
  • Dual SIM: either Commercial or Private LTE.
  • It is a Commercial-Ready Technology for the Anterix Active Ecosystem.

Note: some functions are available using our advanced metering platform ENERGIFY.


To sum up, deploying broadband smart meters has a powerful impact on utilities and the energy sector. These advanced devices revolutionize energy consumption measurement, monitoring, and management by incorporating high-speed and low-latency communication capabilities. Broadband-enabled smart meters empower consumers, optimize grid management, facilitate demand-response programs, and enable the integration of renewable energy sources. Real-time energy production and consumption monitoring support transitioning to a cleaner and more decentralized energy system.

Real-time data transmission enables accurate and timely information exchange between consumers and utility companies. They empower consumers by providing detailed energy consumption data, allowing for informed decisions and behavior changes that contribute to energy conservation and efficiency. Broadband smart meters facilitate efficient system monitoring, billing processes, and grid management for energy suppliers. Establishing a two-way communication network enables the implementation of demand-response programs, where consumers actively manage their energy usage based on real-time pricing or grid conditions. This engagement emphasizes the importance of widespread adoption and implementation and contributes to a more efficient, sustainable, and intelligent energy sector.

By embracing broadband smart meter technology that we have developed at Easymetering, we are revolutionizing the utility sector, unlocking the power of data, and embracing broadband smart meters for a cleaner, more efficient, reliable, and resilient energy infrastructure.

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