Why is EASYMETERING in Chile?

The government of Chile made it’s country a leader in the region as a leader in the transformation of its energy matrix. Their effort was directed at creating public policies and plans that would promote the development and modernization of Chile’s electricity sector.

Through the Ministry of Energy, the government managed to attract international investment to invest in infrastructure, electromobility, and renewable energy production plants. There are specific cases such as Cerro Dominador, the first solar thermal plant in Latin America that is already an icon of the fight against climate change; in the Magallanes Region, the wind turbine power plant is erected to develop electrolysis that separates hydrogen from water to create green hydrogen that does not emit carbon dioxide.

Chile became one of the most attractive markets in the region for foreign investment in general, and for energy innovation in particular. This is an opportunity for EASYMETERING, which already collaborates with Chilean companies, seeking to create competitive, disruptive, and easy-to-use technologies for electricity companies. Jean-Claude Rieffel is in charge at Easymetering S.p.A Chile for further involvement with our Chilean customers.

This coordinated work between private enterprises and the government is possible as long as the parties converge on an issue of mutual interest, namely the fight against climate change.

Now, you understand why EASYMETERING in Chile.

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