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EASYMETERING is now part of CIEDAR at Texas State University.

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Since June 1st of 2021, EASYMETERING is contributing along with a large group of companies that produce similar technology, to CIEDAR, Texas State University Research Center that aims to: “Build multidisciplinary living laboratories within a smart neighborhood in partnership with many companies to accelerate digitization and digitization of industrial sectors through our own Enhanced Technology Infrastructure framework and architecture.”

Smart electronic devices have made our lifestyle so different from before. However, the business model of electricity companies has remained the same since they were born at the end of the 19th century. Its outdated technology makes it an unappetizing business and therefore, the Global Energy Matrix cannot have a transition from Non-renewable to Renewable and Clean Energy.

TXST CIEDAR Locations: ● Round Rock Campus – 100 acres ● San Marcos Campus – 500 acres ● STAR Park – 100 acres ● Freeman Ranch – 4,100 acres ● Muller Ranch – 160 acres ● ALERRT Center – 20 acres
One of those key locations is STAR Park – STAR Park is in San Marcos, TX, the property will be developed into multiple living laboratories for the broadest study of living technology and infrastructure.

Easymetering is part of all 9 living labs:

SMART UTILITIESFull Monitoring, control, and management of all assets
SMART BUILDINGSPositive energy building with embedded sensors throughout
SMART ENERGYEnergy storage, electric vehicles, microgrids, microgeneration
SMART WATER/WASTEWATERFull Monitoring, control, and management of all assets
SMART CITIESStreetlights, traffic lights, parking, recycling, etc.
SMART MOBILITYRoads, bridges, connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles
NETWORKS5G, IoT, LPWA, LoRaWAN, LoRA, 6lowPAN, Extended Wi-Fi
SENSORSWearables, embedded, nano, micro, waterproof, ingestible, others
DATA/SOFTWAREAI/ML, Blockchain, Databases, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Autonomous X
Source: https://www.marc.txstate.edu/CIEDAR.html

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EASYMETERING is a leading provider of smart metering solutions for utility companies worldwide. Our innovative technologies empower utility companies to reduce electric commercial losses, improve grid management, and enable sustainable energy practices. With a commitment to delivering reliable and intelligent metering solutions, EASYMETERING continues revolutionizing the utility industry. Our mission is to accelerate the advanced smart meters‘ global adoption to modernize electric energy commercialization.


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